Monday, 19 December 2011

Staff Chart: 10 best tracks of 2011 (Claudio Lillo)

Here's the last staff chart from us - Claudio's best tracks of 2011, in some particular order:

1. Call Super - And It Was [Five Easy Pieces]
Dark, haunting, psychedelic and druggy. What more could you ask for in a house record?
And it Was! by Five Easy Pieces

2. Floating Points - Marilyn [Eglo]
Remember the first time I heard this at Deviation. I went crazy.

3. Royalty - Twilight Fades [Five Easy Pieces]
I've listened to this tune over 200 times this year. Love it.

4. Eliphino - More Than Me [Soundthink Sounds]
It's amazing when a good friend of yours makes a brilliant tune. Nice work on this one, Tom!

5. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Basement LOVE [!K7]
Can't get enough of those kicks.

6. The Weeknd - House Of Balloons/ Glass Table Girls [self-released]
The switch up is priceless.

7. Dirg Gerner - Loose Lights [Ho Tep]
Vibes upon vibes. No wonder Mr. Peterson is all over this.

8. Alfabet - Roundabout [Rush Hour]
Hypnotic bongo loop and crazy keys are all I need.

9. Daphni - Ye Ye [Text]
Probably my favourite record of last year. Everything about this tune is amazing. I bought 2 copies when it first came out. Then they repressed it. Haha.

10. Tune Yards - You Yes You [4AD]
It was either this or 'Powa' off her new record. Really love the drums on this one though.

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