Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Open House with Ethyl / Re-edit give away

With his debut at fabric upcoming on Saturday, we thought it was high time to have a little root around in Ethyl's record bag and delve into his hard drive to see what he has been tinkering with recently. Hooking up again with Huxley, Ethyl recently dropped Reflexions on Tsuba, following releases with Flori on Quintessentials, Freerange and Development.  

Record that never leaves your bag?

Roy Davis Jr - Gabriel. It's been in there for years and keeps jumping into the new one each time the stitching goes. I don't even play it out an awful lot, it's just comforting to know it's there.

Track that got a surprising reaction from crowds when you dropped it?
I always find reactions from the floor are most surprising when it's something which hasn't got an official release, like music I've been sent. One track that worked really well recently is by a self proclaimed newcomer Nick Turner. The track's called Keep On and it just went off.  I think it's forthcoming on Lady Blacktronika's new label, Kemystry.

What is your favorite remix?
Crikey, big ask. Off the top of my head at the moment I'm really feeling the FaltyDL remix of Frictionalism, it's different. And last year's Andres remix of KZRC - Feeding the Children is a great record. 

What's your favorite re-edit and why?
I guess I Can't Kick This Feeling - Moodymann is an obvious choice but it's a lot more than a simple re-edit, or Walter Murphy's Afternoon of A Faun id est Black Mahogani.

What were you trying to achieve from your re-edit of Fatback Band - Keep on Steppin'? 

I ended just adding a few subtle bits, some kicks, a clap, not a lot else and stretched it out. 

Keep On Steppin' (Ethyl's re-edit) by The Secret Agency

What is your connection with the original track?

It's just a cool track... I think. It's not really the kind of thing I play out or am hugely inclined to buy.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Aphotic Segments Part One

Following Keith Worthy's latest last week, we now have samples of the latest on Patrice Scott's Sistrum imprint. Plunging to aphotic depths, each of the 4 tracks is as accomplished as you get, finding Lenoid's graceful Mudanza sitting comfortably next to the ebbs and flows of XDB's chugging Sotarin on the A. Flip it and Patrice' own 3am takes hold in hypnotic fashion to ease in a Sistrum debutant, Anton Zap, who rides a pulsing sub with an ethereal melody.

Click here for a preview!

Also doing the business now is Patrice' Sistrum remix of Pawel's Crillon on Dial, from a package including Osunlade and hot property John Roberts.

Click here to check out Louche 034 mixed by Patrice