Thursday, 23 June 2011

Patrice Scott - Beyond Deep Radio Show

Patrice Scott dishes up a bi-weekly dose of Detroit deepness on his Beyond Deep radio show. Along with his own thirty minute mix Patrice will be inviting a special guest DJ in to take over the second half of the show each week. In this episode Patrice takes us on a journey through all things deep and hypnotic for the first half an hour before handing over to Johannes Volk for thirty more minutes of winding grooves and whirling basslines. 

Here's the link:
Patrice Scott has also enlisted Johannes Volk for remix duties on the forthcoming 'Analog Dreams Reworked' EP on Sistrum. Volk's dubby stabs and deep tones create a beautiful, slow building and all round delightful remix.  Joining Johannes Volk on remix patrol is fellow German, XDB, whose percussive patterns and analog synths provide a beautiful and unique melodic texture. In total there are three remixes including Patrice's own stripped back, hypnotic 'beatless dub'

Check it out on Soundcloud:

Patrice Scott - Analog Dreams Reworked (XDB Remix) by The Secret Agency

Available mid July on Sistrum Recordings. 

             Here's the original: