Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Staff Chart: 10 best tracks of 2011 (Tom Ham)

This is the festive season, which is also the time when the internet is swamped with end-of-year lists. We, at The Secret Agency, would like to share with you some tracks that we've enjoyed, and in many cases, still astounded by, throughout this year. Kicking things off is our agent Tom...

(In no particular order)

1. Appleblim - Moon Light [Vitalik]
Appleblim doesn't really release much solo material, and this is his first since his Skull Disco days. Releases on Vitalik Recordings in conjunction with We Love, entitled 'We Love Vitalik' more like this pelase, Blim, though I doubt we will see it :)

2. Arkist - Fill Your Coffee [Apple Pips]
Superb release from Arkist, firmly putting him on the map as a diverse and strong producer.

3. Bass Clef - I Think You Are Ready Now For The Eternal Point Of No Return [MAGIC + DREAMS]
Awesome tune. Also check the video made, it kinda goes hand in hand with this tune.

4. Clams Casino - All I Need [Type]
Releasing his 'Instrumental mixtape' gave a whole new take on what the original production were indented to do, originally coming out as a free download then finally getting the vinyl release it deserves.

5. Floating Points - Arp 3 [Eglo]
Capping off 2011 with an awesome EP, keeping him as hot property of the Eglo campus.

6. Four Tet - Pyramid [Text]
Sums up Four Tet's earthy take on dancefloor music. Produced for his Fabric mix to encapsulate the atmosphere of the parties held at Fabric. Job done.

7. Juk Juk - Winter Turns Spring [Text]
Massive debut release, grabbing the attention of many and getting released on Four Tet's Text Recordings.

8. Lucky Paul - I Thought We Were Alone feat. Milosh ( Gadi Mizarhi & Eli Gold - Money vs. Gold Remix) [Wolf + Lamb]
Great debut release for Lucky Paul, though I think this remis pulls out all main points of the original and makes it work for the club environment.

9. Radiohead - Codex [XL]
I could have put many songs from 'The Kings Of Limbs' down here, but this one felt right for the list. Radiohead continue to blur the lines of genre and continue to appeal to so many.

10. The Weeknd - What You Need [self-released]
A great year for 21-year-old Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd. Two albums down, and one to go and all for free! The first is my favourite entitled 'House Of Ballons' with tracks like The Morning and The Party & The After Party delivering a narrative and soundtrack to the all too familiar drug induced stupor.

There are more best-of-2011 charts coming your way next week, stay tuned! 

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