Thursday, 15 December 2011

Staff Chart: 10 best tracks of 2011 (Ben Start)

I've spent much of the year looking backwards and also immersing myself in the music of my roster, stand out tracks from each artist I represent could have appeared on this list but I the interests of fairness I've gone outisde the roster. − Ben Start

1. Recloose - Techcumseh [Rush Hour]
Stand out track in another strong year for the all conquering collective behind Dutch shop Rush Hour.

2. Juk Juk - Winter Turns Spring [Text]
Shimmering electronic folk music that claws at your heart strings.

3. Life's track - Life's Track 08 [Bosconi]
Slowish house but with dirty garage toens, picked up the Hessle 116 and upwards mantra and scootered through Italy with it.

4. Virgo 4 - It's A Crime (Caribou Remix) [Rush Hour]
An obvious one but the effect on the floor as this one unravels is amazing. Watch out for the Junior Boys remix.

5. Session Victim - Good Intentions [Retreat]
Had Move D reaching for his hanky at Freerotation...

6. Arkist - Fill My Coffee [Apple Pips]
Low slung Bristol boogie meets bass, at once timeless but a great snapshot of the year that was 2011.

7. Moodymanc - Black Paint (Larry Heard After Dark Mix) [Tsuba]
Chugging Larry Heard remix that really puts the Gil-Scott Heron vocal through its paces.

8. Floating Points - Arp 3 [Eglo]
I listened to the intro again and again before I let myself hear that bassine. Truely epic.

9. G. Marcell - Groove With Me [Aesthetic Audio]
Majestic raw organic sound, cinematic. If Attenborough documentaries turned to techno they'd do a lot worse than this.
Groove With Me by G.Marcell

10. Martyn & Mike Slott - All Nights [All City]
Stark and stripped back urgency with a hefty bass pulse.

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