Friday, 9 December 2011

Staff Chart: 10 best tracks of 2011 (Jono Mallett)

The second staff chart is brought to you by our intern Jono, find out what his 2011 top 10 tracks are:

1. Behling & Simpson - Left Behind [Futureboogie]
What a year for Futureboogie, having finally setup their reord label with a string of super solid releases. This one is the standout track on the imprint for me, so far. I actually rarely listen to it, as it's on constant loop in the back of my mind. Simply amazing.

2. Maxi Mill - To The Next [Rush Hour]
Really nice bouncy goodness, Bububuum!

3. Move D - Your Personal Healer (Hydraulic Guitar by Juju) [Uzuri]
A track to completely lose yourself to.

4. Delano Smith - Lost In Detroit [Apparel Music]
Keep finding myself always coming back to this track whenever I DJ. Killer record.
APL005 Delano Smith - Lost in Detroit by Apparel Music

5. Lee Jones - Moment (Alt Mix) [Aus Music]
A pretty fresh release but one of my tracks of the year all the same. Shame it never got a vinyl release as this one if digital only.

6. Session Victim - Good Intentions [Retreat]
A real classy track by two of my favourite vegetarian Germans, who played one of my sets of the year at Freejive's 4th birthday. I think 'cool' is the most apt word to describe this tune.

7. Wbeeza - Coast Spotting [Third Ear]
Simple and almost trance-like but very effective. Is minimal-trance a genre? If it is, apparently I like it.

8. Little Dragon - Ritual Union [Sony]
This is more of a mod to the album as a whole, so I chose the eponymous track on the LP to represent. I could listen to (and look at) Yukimi Nagano all day long.

9. Midland - Through Motion (Tevo Howard Remix) [Aus]
The original is superb but this remix by Tevo Howard is something else. The gentle keys and vocals sit really nicely on the subtle bassline. Kinda like acid on valium.

10. Steffi - Sadness [Ostgut Ton]
Haunting and beautiful.

What do you think so far? What're your favourite tracks of 2011? There will be more staff charts posted on Monday, keep your eyes peeled. 

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