Friday, 10 December 2010

Wbeeza scores 'Electronic Album of the Month' at Mojo

Wbeeza continues to makes waves in the UK music scene as his debut album, Void, is named 'Electronic Album of the Month' at super influential music magazine, Mojo. In fact they go so far as to describe him as 'Peckham Prodigy'...not bad for your first full-length release. 

MOJO: Wbeeza's Void 'Electronic Album of the Month'

Electronic neo-classicism from Peckham prodigy

While most of his Peckham peers gravitate to the UK’s inner city musical staples of grime and dustep, 24-year-old Warren Brown invokes the spirit of early US house and techno on Void. What could easily have become a study in retro-gazing instead heralds a precocious, visionary talent. Wbeeza (pronounced Double U Beeza) offers 17 unique musical studies culled from a pile of 50 he’s recorded over four years. Forged in the studio they may be, but there’s a zingy, live rawness to the crunching kick drums, belching bass and synths layered like gossamer-thin filo. It’s an exercise in brevity too. Nothing outstays its welcome; five of the tracks last less than two minutes. There’s Basic Channel-style minimalism (Southern Girl), chattering Carl Craig-like Latin jazz loops (Tru My veins) and nods to the burgeoning UK Funky sound, which fuses garage, soca, house and broken beat.

AND a wicked review in from DJ Magazine, Dec 2010

DJ Magazine: Void Review: 8.0

‘An erudite homage to all things house, it runs a gamut of influences sucked straight from the genre’s roots. There’s Fingers Inc depth, Masters At Work groove, Gil Scott Heron jazz, Latino street vibes, old school hip hop jams and Prelude Records mid-tempo boogie all faded in and out like a series of passing memories. The production is textured and brimming with soulful melody’.

Wbeeza's (Third Ear) Void is available to buy now.

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