Wednesday, 29 December 2010

GILES SMITH (secretsundaze, Two Armadillos) share his top 10 tracks of 2010

GILES SMITH (secretsundaze, Two Armadillos) share his top 10 tracks that have been doing the business for the past 12 months. The last few tickets for secretsundaze NYE bash, at London's raw Red Gallery are available here

1. Moody – It’s Too Late For You and Me (KDJ)

Kenny comes back and slaps you in the face! A dark uncompromising techno groove not unlike “Live in 98” is flipped into one of the most bad ass soulful basslines, exquisite, heartfelt vocals What more can I say.. a stone cold classic and up there with Mr Moody’s best work.

2. Walt J  - Reborn (DJ Qu remix) (Curle)

Originals are absolutely gems from the deep but its Q’s scintillating techno groove that takes this to a different yet no less appealing place.

3. Tazz – The World Of Techno EP (Underground Quality)

Amazing four tracker from Canadian Tazz. You want real Techno there's "Unrestrained", deep and experimental there's "Lost" and pure Detroit atmosphere on "World of Techno". Blistering EP!

4. Steven Tang – Verged EP (Aesthetic Audio)

What a great EP from Keith Worthy’s label. Standout tracks here are the atmospheric “Aerial” and the moody bad ass groove of “Glimmer”. All true authentic Detroit cuts!

5. Smallpeople and Rau – “Life Aquatic” (Smallville)

Just in time ! This record got lost in a promo box sent to me a while ago but its just fell into my hands before I did this chart. A stunted deep techno groove gets things going before the warmest, loveliest pads really open this track up. Could have included any number of gems from Smallville or Laid here. Another great year from them.

6.  Norm Talley – (Mike Huckaby remix) (Third Ear)

This is the real deal. One of the old hands shows the kids how deep House is really done. Featured in nearly every set of mine this year. Solid.

7. Skudge – Melodramatic (Skudge)

BOMB what can I say, great production and just that hint of soul in this otherwise slamming, relentless techno groove.

8. Jennifer Mayanja – Eye of The Storm (Bumako)

Jennifer has in a very short space of time created something entirely unique, ethereal and totally delicious with her productions. “Close Encounters” from this EP is the one. Buy nearly all her releases on sight! For some real musical soulful vibes checkout Bumako.

9. Vincent Halliburton – Something I Feel (Vibes New and Rare Music)

One of the labels of the year for me the partnership between Rick Wilhite’s now closed shop of the same name and Amsterdam’s totally on it Rush Hour. “Something I Feel” is a great track that grooves and grooves with added atmosphere at the end. Props to The Godfather and Rush Hour.

10. Marcellus Pittman – Loneliness Leave Me Alone / Razz 09 (Unirhythm)

The hugely talented Marcellus Pitmans delivers two quirky cuts with the funk button firmly pressed down. These tracks incorporate elements of funk and electro in the way that only those motor city cats can do it!

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