Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Secret Agency looks at its 5 standout tunes for 2010

Here’s a look back at 2010 in 5 standout tunes that summed the year up. 

1. Moodymann - Its Too Late For You and Me (KDJ)

Was everywhere after it dropped in late spring, cheeky arrangement and when that bass line drops it never failed. The marriage of sickly R&B style vocals with raw beats consolidated another great year for KDJ.

We’ve re upped The Mole’s set from Sonar for you as a limited special treat. 

The Mole secretsundaze Sonar 2010 by The Secret Agency

 2. Roman Flügel - How To Spread Lies (Dial)

Dark pulsing minimal electro from Roman Fluegel, an anti anthem for dark clubs at 5am.

Check Roman’s mix for What People Play here. 

3. Radio Slave - I don’t Need A Cure For This (Rekids) (Kenny Larkin Remix)

Massive remix from Kenny that packed a real punch for those teasing hands in the air moments. 

4. Space Dimension Controller - The Love Quadrant (Kinnego Records)

Break through year for SDC with 3 EPs that knocked the competition for six. Emerging with a fully fledged yet fragile sound, The Love Quadrant was one of many standout moments. 

5. SECT – Man Of Wisdom (Culprit)

While Soul Clap dominated all before them with their pop edit style and climbed to no 21 in the RA DJ list they also put out this hazy update of Ethiopian Jazz star Mulatu Astatke.

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