Friday, 27 May 2011

secretsundaze Bank Holiday Special w/Soundstream, Trus'me and Wbeeza

Bank holiday and we'll all be camped out in the industrial wilderness that is Greenwich and with the weather looking set to be fine spread out in the glorious sunshine, or huddled UK festival style underneath the generous shelter kindly provided by House Club and Terrace.

With the weather looking set to be fine, the sound will be cranked up beneath the trees and three of today's most essential artists in house will be doing their thing alongside Giles and James.

All of the artists on the line up command 'buy on sight' status and are shining examples of how to succeed globally each with their own unique take on house.

Soundstream - Live Goes On

Mind blowing raw, live sounding house that sounds as fresh as the moment it was jammed out. Just the tip of the ice berg in terms of the Soundstream output but one of the most anthemic.

Trus'me - DJ set at secretsundaze, Barcelona June 2010

Perfectly judging the mood and building up, Trus'me's set outside at the secretsundaze Off Sonar party in June last year is an example of how to throw and deep musical knowledge together with a drive to push music forward. Then unreleased material that went on the feature heavily in the end of year charts stands up next to bonafide classics and rare gems.

Wbeeza - Live @ Slowpoke, London, February 2011

Dropping his album in November 2010 was a milestone for Wbeeza as an artist but also left him free to concentrate on new material in his live show. When before the standout moments in his set were often from well known releases on Third Ear, now he has the maturity to work the floor with unreleased studio cuts. This video from his London show in February demonstrates that.

secretsundaze @ The House Club & Terrace 01-05-11

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