Thursday, 26 May 2011

ReviveHER skype chat with DJ Kaos

Ahead of the ReviveHER vs Naive Melody w/ Tiago and DJ Kaos, resident Coops caught up with Kaos for a Skype chat covering Grafiti Tagging, UK media and of course vinyl.

Hi Kaos, can you let us know where you are right now? I heard you’re on a US tour surfing?

Yeah it has been nice the last couple of days! I am here in Topanga Ca for a bit.. waiting for the surf! Ive been sleeping for 3 days straight.. so busy at home in Berlin!! The Warehouse party in downtown LA last Saturday was sick. Couldn't fly out to NYC for the Standard hotel party.. shit got a little messy ((-<

You seem to play in the US a lot. It's quite hard for other European artists to book work out there. Why do you think that is? 

Well .. I've been doing this for a good 20 years now and I have a lot of good friends here in Cali .. NYC! Very creative people and not so media orientated like most the stuff in Europe! Just good music people you know .. we hang, have a good time!!!! It’s all about that for me.

Who or which crew do you enjoy hanging out with the most in the US? 

In Cali i stay most of the time with TK my buddy, soon out on Jolly Jams "Split Secs" TK & Alex!! We are working together right now on some music out here. The studio is Grand Royal (Beastie Boys). I’ve been going to NYC for almost 20 years. I know a lot of people there. My old label K7 was also based in NYC. A lot of NYC for me always. I played all the clubs out there.. Eric and Thomas (Rub N Tug) are my no1 DJs !!!! The real deal.

How does London compare? 

Played a bunch of nights like Fabric etc. Lived there in the early 90s . I have good friends in London. Don’t like so much the media power of the UK !! I remember when Acid house came around.. UK pretended it’s a creation of England. But it wasn’t! Balearic is from Ibiza and Balearic Isles NOT England...

Have you got any special tracks you can share with us, which you might be dropping on Saturday? 

A lot of German techno tracks .. some Jolly Jams stuff (nothing balearic, or disco etc etc)

You a vinyl only man right? 


What’s your opinion on digital DJs and laptops? 

Lame !!! No Skills !!!

OK, away from that chat.

If you were a band, who would you be or what would you sound like? 

Something very German (think Can!)

Who’s your favourite DJ and who’s the best DJ you’ve witnessed or played with? 

I am lucky all my friends very talented. I remember playing with Carl Craig 90, 91... I got stoked! So diverse his style... he is still kickin it these days! Not like this lame minimal shit these days!

What new music are you digging right now? Any worthy young producers doing it for you? 

Tevo Howard!

Can you tell us about any bad experiences you’ve had has a DJ or crowds/parties that have been particularly unpleasant? 

DJs playing their hype edits to show off with no feeling for the crowd out there! The DJ should move it.

Why the name DJ Kaos? Is that a musical thing or do you have a reputation for being a bit wild? 

Graffiti Tag Bomb name from the 80s .. thats how it all started!

Have you ever been kicked out of a club you’re meant to be DJing at or trashed a hotel or done anything Kaotic? 


It’s known amongst some of the music and fashion community, that you have worked with designers and clothing brands. Can you tell us a few people you have worked with and what you’ve done? 

My hero is Judy Blame. He taught me everything about regular fashion - I mean clothing!! Fashion is a short lived thing!! Judy is great . We lived for a while in Kensal Green. The area was ghetto way back! Mick Jones lived across the house, also Howie .. Marc Lebon Crunch etc. Very creative people!! I worked for Stussy alot, also YSL, Chanel, undergorund labels like WoodWood etc. I do sound for these people, so their shows sounds good!!!

You’ve finally decided to ditch the labels and set up your own ting…Jolly Jams. What was your main inspiration behind that? 

Being free and Independent . I cant deal with idiots anymore. I can do anything myself. Have you got any original material or bad boy remixes coming out? There is a lot of stuff out right now. The Bryan Ferry mix is a big production we did recently. There is an EP out at the moment. Check all mixes are listed there...

How come it’s so hard to find DJ mixes and Kaos material on the web. You seem quite a low key character? Is this intentional?

I don’t like stuff online. We do a bit for Jolly Jams now!! Where will you be playing the day before the party? New York … I gotta leave early for UK !!! There’s a volcanic ash cloud at the moment. Will you make your flight and furthermore, will the flight make it to London? Wow didn’t hear about that.. will be cool.. will be there.. I want to party with you guys. Tiago is there, my buddy!!!

You have to come play the party with Chida and Cos/Mes for free in July if you miss your flight. 

Cool? Hahaha Yesss!! i will be there and I come back for Chida YESS !! The Backwoods EP will be out soon with Kaos mix!

OK man. We let you get back to the surf. Enjoy US and see you Saturday!

Yessssssssss Cyaaaa X Kay

Forthcoming on Jolly Jams Dj Kaos & Tevo Howard "Keep on"
Dj Kaos & Tevo Howard "Keep on" {{{EXCLUSIVE}}} Jolly Jams by Brainburger Burgerbrain

DJ Kaos Top 10

1.Split Secs Ep {Jolly Jams}
2.Tiago- Motorjam, Souljam [Jolly Jams}
3. Ron Trend- Mighty Real Groove {Prescription}
4. Dj Kaos, Tevo Howard- Keep on {jolly Jams}
5. Rheingold- Dreiklangsdimensionen {Weltklang}
6. Whodini- Rap Machine Dub {Jive}
7.Theo Parrish- Feel Free to be {Sound Sign}
8. Doc Severinsen- You put the shine on me {Pacific Beach}
9. Craig Loftis- Yes I"m Right {white}
10. Soft Moon- Selftitled {Captured Tracks}

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