Friday, 9 September 2011

Exclusive Sets From The secretsundaze Boiler Room Party

On a balmy summer evening on the 16th of August 2011 secretsundaze had the privilege of appearing on the boiler room, the uk's leading ustream channel. We're very fortunate to be able to bring you the sets from that night, so those who were there can relive the occasion and those who weren't can see what they were missing out on.

The event took place on the roof of a very respected east London fish restaurant, Foremans & Son in Hackney Wick. From the vantage point of the roof there was stunning contrasting views, to the east was the brand new Olympic Stadium and to the west was sprawling industrial views and walthamstow marshes.

There was a slight break from boiler room tradition, as all DJs played facing the crowd rather then the usual boiler room way where they have their backs to the crowd.

At the moment we only have Wbeeza and Giles sets but as soon as we have them we'll add Ethyl's and James'.

First up to kick things off was Ethyl, who played some deep and melodic house to start getting people to shuffle their feet.

BR #63 Ethyl. from BOILER ROOM on Vimeo.

Next up was Wbeeza, where he took the opportunity to showcase all his skills including using a cheeky sample of Skee Lo which went down an absolute treat. To close things off he finished on Coast Spotting from his lastest EP - Bagwag. To top things off this is his first ever official recorded mix available online!

BR #63 Wbezza (live) from BOILER ROOM on Vimeo.

James stepped up to carry on where Wbeeza left off playing a great set that kept the dancefloor moving.

BR #63 James Priestley from BOILER ROOM on Vimeo.

By the time giles came on the party was in full swing, and he really took the bit between his teeth. Playing a fantastic deep set where it felt at times that a snorkel and googles were required on the dancefloor.

BR #63 Giles Smith from BOILER ROOM on Vimeo.

As 11pm came and the dancing under the stars was curtailed, it was very easy to forget that this was a "school night" as people left with smiles on their faces and the shock that they could still catch the last tube home.

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