Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Aphotic Segments Part One

Following Keith Worthy's latest last week, we now have samples of the latest on Patrice Scott's Sistrum imprint. Plunging to aphotic depths, each of the 4 tracks is as accomplished as you get, finding Lenoid's graceful Mudanza sitting comfortably next to the ebbs and flows of XDB's chugging Sotarin on the A. Flip it and Patrice' own 3am takes hold in hypnotic fashion to ease in a Sistrum debutant, Anton Zap, who rides a pulsing sub with an ethereal melody.

Click here for a preview!

Also doing the business now is Patrice' Sistrum remix of Pawel's Crillon on Dial, from a package including Osunlade and hot property John Roberts.

Click here to check out Louche 034 mixed by Patrice

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