Wednesday, 24 November 2010

John Daly re-edits classic Mr Fingers track 'Can Your Feel It' for DJ History's, Trax 25

Larry Heard aka Mr Fingers
Last month DJ History revealed details for Trax 25, a compilation that would showcase contemporary artists re-editing selections from classic Chicago house label Trax Records, including The Secret Agency's very own John Daly.

So many have tried but here John Daly gets it spot on in his re-edit of the Mr Fingers track 'Can You Feel It', after building the tension the track springs to life half way through and really takes the original by the balls.

Can You Feel It (John Daly edit) by john daly/ feel music

John Daly (Feel Music, One Track, Dumpoet)
This is going out on DJ History's Trax Re-Edit Comp, available to buy January 2011.

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